Ohio Green Team Welcomes First Columbus Dispensary

It’s finally here. Terrasana, the first medical marijuana dispensary in central Ohio, opened yesterday (Tuesday, March 26th)!

Excitement Builds Throughout The Patient Community

Ohio Green Team could not be more excited to welcome Terrasana who is enhancing the patient journey that we’ve been supporting since the summer of 2018. Since we opened as one of the area’s first medical marijuana clinics, we’ve seen firsthand the incredible need for safe, alternative medicine. We’ve heard intimate stories from war heroes who’re struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, from families desperate in search of relief for their children with terminal cancer and from everyday people trying to manage pain without the addictive opioids they were once prescribed. We’ve been so honored to serve as the trusted medical partners to all these patients and more, and we continue to be inspired by their enthusiasm for a natural medicine unlike the dangerous substances they’ve been prescribed in the past.

Meeting with Ohio Green Team doctors and getting a medical marijuana recommendation has been seamless for thousands of patients. But, until now, actually getting medicine hasn’t been as easy for our friends throughout central Ohio, as there were no dispensaries.


Terrasana changes this.

Conveniently located at 656 Grandview Ave., just off Interstate 670, Terrasana offers a high-class experience in the comfort of a beautiful store. From the moment patients enter the lobby area, they’ll feel comfortable and safe. Walking from the lobby into the dispensary area feels like entering an Apple store—sleek flooring, large glass display cases and knowledgeable staff there to assist as much as needed. There are convenient ways to complete a purchase, with an ATM on site or Hypur, a mobile app that can be linked right to a patient’s checking account.

For a peek before seeing firsthand, check out all the great coverage from local media:

If you’re already a medical marijuana cardholder, we encourage you to head to Terrasana and enjoy the best-in-class experience.  


Need a Medical Marijuana Recommendation?

If you’re not yet registered, come see our renowned Ohio Green Team doctors at 1580 Fishinger Road, Suite 100, in Upper Arlington. Sit down with one of our compassionate doctors for an evaluation and discussion of your qualifying condition in a comfortable and friendly setting.

We’re just a 10-minute drive from Terrasana. We care deeply about your patient journey and know you’ll have an excellent experience at both Ohio Green Team and Terrasana.

Start the process by scheduling an appointment with an experienced Ohio Green Team doctor, and please drop us a line with any questions.

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