It’s Time to Renew my MMJ Card. Now What?

*Guest Post from Dr. Dank: an Ohio Medical Marijuana patient*


It has been one year since I have been considered a patient in the Ohio Medical Marijuana program!  I checked across the state with other physicians and clinics but Ohio Green Team’s $99+tax renewal rate for the year was the cheapest by a landslide!  So, I decided to renew my card with the Ohio Green Team this past weekend. The entire process was fast and easy, less than 15 minutes from start to finish. I filled out a simple and short form about my experience with medical cannabis over the last year and briefly met with a doctor to discuss it. After receiving the recommendation for year two, I paid my low renewal fee to Maddie who manages the Upper Arlington clinic.  Now that you have your card or perhaps you are thinking about getting one, you may be curious about the renewal process and when you should schedule for renewal.

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 1.50.25 PMMaddie from Ohio Green Team was thorough in explaining the renewal process and a pleasure to meet.


There are 2 different expiration dates to be aware of when rescheduling. The first date is the date your recommendation expires which is 360 days from the day it was issued. This is the most important date with regards to being able to purchase cannabis. My card was issued on 2/2/2019 and expires 360 later which is 1/28/2020. This means that I won’t be able to make any new cannabis purchases after 1/28/20 unless I renew my card. The recommendation expiration date can be found on the Ohio MMCP website on the card image and recommendation section below.

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 2.01.00 PMThe above information can be found on the Ohio MMCP website


The second date is the patient’s Ohio medical marijuana registration expiration date which is always the last day of the month it was issued. In my case, it will expire on 2/29/2019 (leap year). This date refers to the last day I can legally have Ohio Medical cannabis unless I renew my card and registration with the state. The state will send an email from to the email registered with the state for both patients and caregivers a few weeks prior to the state registration expiring. The email simply states the date the registration expires with the subject line for patients that “Your Ohio Medical Marijuana Registration Expires Soon” or if you are a caregiver it will state ” Your Patient’s Ohio Medical Marijuana Registration Expires Soon”. This is the date that you will need to repay the $50 or $25 registration fee once the card is renewed.

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 2.05.11 PMAn example of the state email notification regarding the Ohio medical marijuana registration expiration for patients and caregivers.


Once you receive the renewal recommendation you will need to finish the registration part with the state online. Log onto Ohio MMCP website and notice the red button that states RENEW CARD. Click it, enter any necessary details and pay the $50 or $25 fee for patients and caregivers. All caregivers will need to renew their registration and pay the fee online before it expires. You should be good-to-go and your new 90-day allotment will begin however, the days available still depends on how many you have used in the last rolling 90-days. Renewing your recommendation and registration does not reset the rolling 90-day period.

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 2.12.02 PMClick on the RENEW CARD button to complete the registration renewal process.

1 YEAR = 360 DAYS

Once an Ohio medical marijuana card is renewed, the recommendation date will now shift 360 days from the new issued date. My next medical marijuana recommendation will expire on 1/18/2021.

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 2.16.15 PMMy renewed card will have different dates than previously listed as a result of the 360 day recommendation period and the date you renew.

The Ohio medical marijuana registration date will always fall on the last day of the month the card is renewed. In my situation, my card and my registration will both fall in January 2021 next time I am ready to renew, whereas they fell in different months this first renewal.

coverOhio Green Team currently has 3 locations in Columbus, Lancaster & Cleveland


In short, if you would like to continue in the program then you should schedule your renewal prior to the recommendation expiration date listed on the Ohio MMCP website and your Ohio Medical Marijuana card. If you are looking for a doctor whether you are a new patient or a renewal then consider the Ohio Green Team at one of their locations across Ohio.  I’d recommend scheduling your renewal appointment about a week before your expiration date.


Ready to Renew?  Schedule online @ or call 614-639-0257


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