Ohio Medical Marijuana Program: Current State of the Union

Year to Date: Board of Pharmacy Revisions & Updates

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy, otherwise known as the state department that oversees Ohio’s Medical Marijuana program, has provided a revised account of the following: patient, physician, and caregiver numbers, dispensary and cultivator counts, as well as testing and sales figures that correlate with the rapidly growing processing industry for medical marijuana. These quarterly analyses are important due to the expeditious growth that has occurred within Ohio’s medical program over the past few years it has been in place.


From OHMMP’s conception in August of 2018, the program’s number of registered patients has grown to a robust 207,105. Of that, 13,020 patients were Veterans, 14,388 were Indigent (meaning they are on disability or SSDI) and 806 were listed as having a terminal diagnosis.

Veteran and Indigent patients reap several added benefits of their Ohio MMJ license, including anywhere between 20-30% off in dispensaries, 50% off the annual state fee, and discounted recommendation fees with select physicians’ offices. The process for verifying these special statuses is simple, if applicable! A patient need only reach out to their MMJ office and provide the requested documentation in order to begin receiving these discounted rates.

Terminal patients, additionally, are allowed the opportunity to receive more than the current regulations set in place by Ohio for medication amounts. Terminal illness (or end-stage disease) is a disease that cannot be cured or adequately treated and is reasonably expected to result in the death of the patient.

Once the patient is approved for the special status, their Registry file is changed to reflect this information and the patient need not worry about re-applying for this every year – it stays on their file for the rest of their time as a patient of the treatment plan.

Additionally, a total of 17,463 caregivers have been registered through the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program. A caregiver, put simply, is a person designated to be able to order, purchase, pick up, and transport medication safely and legally to a patient. This application process is also handled directly by the medical office, which submits the information to the Board. Once a $25 fee is provided by the applicant and a background check is cleared by the state, the caregiver is then able to supply their own MMJ card to the dispensaries for the purpose of getting the patient their medication. This process usually takes about 3-5 days to be completed. Caregivers are expected to pay an annual renewal fee of $25 each year, although they are not required to have a renewal appointment every year like the patient.

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Cultivators & Processors

The cultivators listed below are provisionally licensed to operate in the state of Ohio. The first table shows the 16 Level I license holders, and the second one shows those with Level II licenses. The main difference between the two levels is the amount of square footage with which they can initially cultivate marijuana. Level I cultivators are permitted to operate an area up to 25,000 square feet. Level II cultivators are permitted to operate an area of 3,000 square feet. From there, the marijuana is sent to a processing facility for further preparation and assembly so it can be shelved by dispensaries and purchased by patients. There are a total of 48 provisional licenses that have been issued for processors; 24 of those have received certificates of operation.

Level I Provisional Licensees

Columbia Care OH LLCMt. Orab
Buckeye Relief LLCEastlake
OPC Cultivation, LLCHuron
Grow Ohio, LLCEast Fultonham
Cresco Labs, LLCYellow Springs
Riviera Creek Holdings LLCYoungstown
AT-CPC of Ohio LLCAkron
Pure Ohio Wellness, LLCSpringfield
Standard Wellness Company, LLCGibsonburg
PharmaCann Ohio LLCBuckeye Lake
Ohio Grown Therapies, LLCJohnstown
Certified Cultivators, LLCDayton
Harvest Grows, LLCIronton
Greenleaf Gardens LLCMiddlefield
Green Investment Partners, LLCColumbus
Farmaceutical RX, LLCEast Liverpool
Terradiol Ohio, LLCCanton
GTI Ohio, LLC Toledo
Parma Wellness Center, LLCParma

Level II Provisional Licensees

Fire Rock Ltd.Akron
Ascension Bio-Medical, LLCOberlin
Galenas LLCAkron
FN Group Holdings, LLCRavenna
Agri-Med OhioLangsville
Ohio Clean Leaf LLCDayton
Ancient Roots, LLCWilmington
Mother Grows Best, LLCCanton
Farkas Farms, LLCGrafton
Pure OH LLCEast Palestine
OhiGrow, LLCToledo
Paragon Developmental Group, LLCTipp City
Cielo Jardin, LLCEuclid

Testing is also a crucial part of the timeline for marijuana to become a medication. For this purpose, 6 provisional licenses have been issued, and 3 of those licensees have received certificates of operation. Testing laboratories include both universities and private labs, and are approved and regulated by the Ohio Department of Commerce.


There are currently 57 certified dispensaries in Ohio, although not all of them listed on the Board of Pharmacy list located here are currently operating. They are divided by districts: Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest. Each dispensary location is controlled by a facility, the LLC’s of which are listed under the ‘Business Name’ section. Most of these facilities manage several licensed dispensaries in each district, as well as in other states throughout the country. At this time, 37 U.S. states have approved Medical Marijuana as a treatment plan; 18 of those states have made cannabis recreationally legal. Almost all of the facilities listed have websites where all of their locations, reviews, and ratings can be found.

When first visiting a dispensary, it can be very confusing and ambiguous for new patients. Generally speaking, the medical office will initially direct patients to the Weedmaps website where a full list of dispensaries in their location – as well as their menus and pricing – can be seen. The MMJ patient can seek particular products, brands, and pricing ranges to suit their particular needs. Once a dispensary is decided on, a patient has multiple options with which to place an order. They can call the dispensary, an option that is preferable if call volumes are not high (something that can be expected on weekends or in the afternoon). Walk-ins are also commonly available and most effective with new or beginner patients. Online orders are the most convenient and favorable option, providing patients with a complete list of available products and a timeframe of when to pick it up. Most dispensaries in Ohio stay open until 7pm, although there is usually a cut-off time for online and over-the-phone orders.

If a patient is seeking particular advice on a type of medication, they are often advised to call the dispensary or medical marijuana office they are a patient with. Alternatively, product information is often available on Weedmaps by searching the affiliated brand name. There are times when this information can be overwhelming, or too broad and generalized, so seeking further information from a dispensary or physician is recommended. Ohio Green Team’s physicians are available to consult with their patients about their particular needs, and budtenders (a person who serves customers at an establishment where marijuana is sold) can help break down what types of products and strains will target certain conditions or symptoms.


In Ohio, 672 physicians are currently certified to recommend patients to the Medical Marijuana treatment plan. Lots of MMJ offices can be found online; however, not all of them have withstood the test of time. Ohio Green Team is the highest rated medical marijuana office in the state, and has been in practice since the program was put in place in 2018. OGT has five certified MMJ physicians who are often available for day-of appointments, with approximately 12,000 patients approved and a 5-star customer rating.

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