Last year, sales of cannabis grew at an exponential rate. According to many analysts, there has been an impact due to the global epidemic. The fact that more people work from home could make it more common for people to use cannabis to relieve stress during the day. Some of the most popular strains of cannabis in the United States have calming properties that can help people with anxiety and depression, or perhaps they are sativa-dominant and help people stay focused throughout the day.

Even though recreational (adult-use) cannabis was legalized in some states in 2021, some other states only legalized for medicinal use. The big rise in cannabis sales has been across the board, in both recreational and medicinal states. Legalization still seems to be on the horizon at a national level, although federal entities have been observed as stalling these efforts and slowing traction every time a bill is proposed.

According to “The Global Cannabis Report: Second Edition” by Prohibition Partners, the United States will spend more than $37 billion on cannabis in 2021. This figure is based on sales in the US. CBD supplements are also for sale, and that includes the sale of them. There are also expectations that there will be big sales of cannabis in 2022.

If you live in a state, you may not be able to buy certain strains of cannabis. As well, some types of marijuana are harder to obtain than others. The U.S. government still prohibits the sale and use of marijuana, and even businesses that operate in more than one state aren’t allowed to ship medicinal marijuana across state lines. For people who use marijuana as an adult and for people who have a medical card, there are fewer strains to choose from.

How Come Some Cannabis Strains Are More Expensive Than Others?

Have you ever wondered why the cost of different cannabis strains vary so much? When you go to a dispensary online, visitors can look at how much it costs per ounce or gram to buy. Generally, a patient will benefit by keeping in mind that whole-flower costs can vary a lot and depend on multiple factors.

To check for quality, the first thing to look for is whether or not the cannabis plants have seeds. When you buy seeded weed, you can save money and get a lot more for your money. But it takes more work to cut the bud and get rid of the seeds. You will also want to ensure that there is no mold content to your flower, as this is an uncommon but potential consequence of the flower not being cured or stored properly. Additionally, it is ideal to ensure the flower has gone through ample lab testing and meets the quality requirements of the medical marijuana program in your state.

Two more things affect how much it costs: potency and how long it can be used for, in terms of dosage and application rates. In general, a low-THC strain of cannabis will cost less per ounce. This is beneficial since it reduces the cost of weed for individuals who have a medical card and are looking to medicate on their own terms.

Some patients will find that, although high THC content is touted by manufacturers and cannabis culture, more is not always better. A percentage of patients will even grow ill and experience negative side effects if the THC content in their cannabis is too high, a condition called cannabis hyperemesis syndrome. However, if you are not experiencing the benefit you are looking for in using the medication, you may need to go up in THC content to increase the power of whatever ingestion method you are using. If you are using more cannabis than the average patient, then you can essentially expect to be paying more at the register. This can stack up and become quite costly.

The terpene profile is the third thing that is taken into account when pricing out your cannabis. All terpenes are good for you, but some carry benefits that will have more value to you than others. A lot of things can help you deal with stress. People who suffer from pain may benefit from using sedatives. Some terpenes give you clarity, focus, and energy, making you feel relaxed but alert at the same time. Understanding these nuances can reap a higher success rate of finding the right strain for you when entering the dispensary to purchase medication.

Terpenes are a big part of whether or not you like a strain. They make a big difference, and due to the nature of their existence they exist in varying amounts within all cannabis strains. A single cannabis strain can have several terpenes, all at trace amounts with higher or lower values than one another. All in all, there are over 150 terpenes known to exist and as many as 100 cannabinoids, which also effect the overall makeup/effects of the strain. Scientists who continue to research the cannabis plant purport that there could be hundreds more, although they are still in the process of being identified.

Top-Selling Cannabis Strains’ Characteristics

Even though cannabis has a lot of potency and terpenes, there are also other things that increase costs. This includes the content of cannabidiol (CBD) as well as other cannabinoids such as cannabinol (CBN) and cannabigerol (CBG). Quality will continue to be the biggest factor for people to consider, especially for people who use it for medicinal reasons.

Most people who have a medical marijuana card like strains that have a lot of CBD in them because they use it for medical reasons. That’s because cannabidiol may help reduce inflammation. Because most chronic diseases cause or lead to inflammation (and pain that can’t be relieved), it may help with symptoms. When it comes to treating epilepsy, cannabidiol is also used to help. It can be effective at treating seizures in small doses of THC that aren’t very high.

An important cannabinoid in cannabis plants that doesn’t get as much attention is called cannabigerol (CBG). For most cannabis strains, there’s maybe roughly 1% CBG. The average strain of marijuana contains approximately 20% cannabidiol (CBD). It may be possible to treat glaucoma, IBD, and cancer with CBG, according to some clinical studies.

The use of Cannabinol for medicinal purposes has not been studied by humans or documented in any way (CBN). This is mostly because of federal regulations and high overhead costs which mitigate the ability for research to be conducted. It is a cannabinoid that is found in nature. But there are a lot of clinical studies that say it could help the immune system, and other researchers have indicated that it could help patients with cachexia eat more as well as help with the pain.

It’s a good thing that cannabis has high amounts of things that are beneficial to your overall health, like CBD, CBN, and CBG. Higher levels of these translate to higher costs.

2021’s The 8 Best-Selling Cannabis Strains

If you want to discover which weed strains of cannabis are the most popular, Weedmaps and Leafly are two indispensable resources which both publish the top rated cannabis strains for each year. Some 32 strains were chosen for the “Weedmaps Strain Madness 2021” report.

After more than 180,000 votes from people in the United States, the top 8 strains were chosen. Checking off all the boxes for the complicated chaos that was 2021, what makes these strains popular are their health and psychoactive qualities.

1. Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express gained nearly 15,000 votes. They named this strain “Pineapple Express” after the movie starring Seth Rogan, “Pineapple Express”, which was released in 2008.

Pineapple Express is a Sativa-dominant strain with a 60:40 ratio. It has an enjoyable body-numbing high. People say the buds smell dank and have pineapple flavors and citrus. The bud shows a bunch of neutral colors or white-colored clusters. Some people have an inflammatory response or long-term pain like the strain because it can have some mild analgesic effects, which they find pleasant. But it’s also mentally stimulating, which makes you happier and more alert, as well as more focused, alert, and creative.

2. Sour Diesel

People love the Sour Diesel strain. It’s no surprise that it’s a common choice for both recreational and medical users, as it came in second place. Another thing that makes Sour Diesel so good is that it has approximately 4% CBN and 2% CBD. If you want to smoke weed that is mostly Sativa, this is the strain for you.

In terms of taste, Sour Diesel isn’t the best. You’ll be able to smell and taste gasoline, with a little bit of lemon. You can use it during the day because it makes you feel happy and energetic, which can help you deal with anxiety and low moods. Sour Diesel is a good thing to look at. Weed is made up of small, orange-haired nugs that are light green.

3. Purple Haze

Any kind of cannabis that comes from the “haze” family is likely to make you happy and calm. It came in fourth with 13,527 votes. If you look at this strain, it has an average THC level of 26%. It is mostly Sativa and only 15% Indica.

Is this a familiar name? To pay tribute to the Jimi Hendrix song Purple Haze, the strain actually has a purple color scheme. Try this strain if you want to feel better all over! It is also popular with artists and musicians alike, because it can help them think of new ideas and achieve a creative “flow state”. This is what the bud looks like: It’s very dense, and it has a lot of sticky, sweet resin.

Purple Haze smells like earth and tastes like berries with a little spice. Purple Haze may help people who have a lot of stress and anxiety, as well as people who are depressed.

4. Blue Dream

A lot of people love Blue Dream. The strain came in sixth with over 12,000 votes. It’s a dispensary favorite, and the weed strain is always a big seller with recreational distributors because it has a good mix of Sativa and Indica. Depending on how strong it is, Blue Dream ranges from 17% to 24%.

When it’s taken, it can make the brain as well as the body feels more relaxed.
Blue Dream cannabis is often used by people who have long-term pain. People who are depressed, tired, and sleepy may also benefit from it. Blue Dream usually has about 2% CBD and 1% CBN in it. During the first part of the psychoactive effects, the euphoria of the Blue Dream can also make you a little creative for a short time.

Blue Dream has a very pleasant flavor profile. It’s like blueberry pie in a cup. The bud is shiny, neon-green, and dense. It has blue undertones and blue hairs. It also has a layer of white terpenes that can be seen on top of it.

5. OG Kush

The bud that was named the best in the country got 18,577 votes. One of the best things about OG Kush is that it can be used for both fun and medicine. Twenty percent of OG Kush plants grown outside have a THC content of 20%. Twenty-six percent of greenhouse-grown plants have the same amount of THC content.

Three main terpenes in OG Kush are myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene; these are the three main ones. The smell is skunky, dank, and full of citrus notes and taste. And the treatment was performed on OG Kush lasts for a long time and is very strong, too. Some OG Kush can make people feel relaxed and happy. There is a good chance that they will get the giggles. The Sativa-dominant strain can make you happy and calm down.

6. Alien Kush

It came in sixth place out of eight of the most popular cannabis strains in 2021. Alien Kush was the last one. It got 9,120 votes, and it has a good mix of Sativa and Indica. A lot of patients start with Alien Kush because it has a THC level of 14-20%, which makes it a good choice for them.

Those who can grow their own marijuana at home also like Alien Kush. That’s because it’s easy to grow indoors, and the plants grow for nine weeks. It has a spicy flavor with pine notes and earthy undertones.

If you smoke Alien Kush, you might have a lot of different ideas and be more creative. You might be happy after you eat it, which is beneficial for people who would like to break down their mental walls. The strain can make you happy and relieve you from stress and anxiety. But since this strain can make you crave food, keep some snacks on hand.

7. Gelato

Gelato cannabis came in third with 13,992 votes from interested people. These are two different kinds of plants: one is an Indica strain hybrid, and the other one is a mix of Indica and Sativa plants. If you want to get a body of excitement without getting knocked out, this is the way to go.

For people who like sweet cannabis, Gelato is good. A lot of people say the taste is like blueberry and orange sherbert ice cream. Putting a bowl of Gelato together will make a sweet and relaxing smell that you’ll enjoy.

Gelato is unique in that it can give you alertness, a boost of energy, a general sense of well-being. The peak right after they’re consumed and then continue to move down the sentimental scale until you feel a body buzz, calm, and feel like you’re at peace and relaxed.

Since it makes your body buzz, many people use Gelato to get rid of their pain. And with 20% THC, may help with migraines, tiredness, and muscle inflammation. People often use gelato as a medicine because it is simple to find and has a lot of different types. It’s also nice to look at, sticky, and has orange trichomes and bright purple color.

8. GG4 (Original Glue)

There is a good chance that after you consume weed from the glue family, you won’t move much. People who eat GG4 (Original Glue) feel like they’re “glued to their seats” when they do it. Weedmaps Strains Madness 2021 had 9,353 votes. It came in 7th place on a list of what people in America like best.

The GG4 marijuana is very strong. A lot of people don’t do this when they are just getting into medical marijuana. It is a 63% Indica and 37% Sativa strain that has a lot of THC and a small amount of CBD.

They may be good for people who have to remediate chronic back pain that is difficult or impossible to treat with other methods. There might be some benefits for people who have uncontrollable muscle tremors and spasms. This can be a very good pain reliever if you stay at home. The treatment that was performed may help you get rid of anxiety and stress, while the body rising can make you calm and sleepy.

GG4 is the original glue. It has a smell and taste like diesel, and it is flavorsome. A hint of mocha coffee might be in the herb. When you smoke GG4, the buds are very light and fluffy. They have lots of white particle trichomes and small, wavy amber hairs.

Check Out Different Types of Cannabis

In the beginning, you may not know how to use medical marijuana. Make sure you know about different strains of marijuana before you go to the store.

At first, many medical cannabis users stick to just one or two strains. Based on the types of cannabis that are accessible in your budget and your area, your local dispensary can help you choose what to buy.

There are more than 730 strains of marijuana to try. It’s also worth noting that having multiple strains on hand can be beneficial to patients. You can have a Sativa that makes you more alert and boosts your mood during the day. A pain-relieving Indica is also available, as is a sleep-inducing Indica.

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