Alternative to Cash Payments for Cannabis IN UTAH


Patients in Utah now have access to a more convenient payment system, along with a few additional resources which make transactions easier for both cannabis pharmacies and their visitors. While cash is still considered the most convenient option, some areas offer tax-free cash cards that can be used at licensed dispensaries and cultivators. A number of locations, such as Beehive pharmacy (located in Brigham and Salt Lake City), are also supporting the use of some debit cards from accredited banks. Credit unions and the debit cards they provide unfortunately will not suffice in most cases.

The cannabis industry in Utah is a multi-million dollar industry that has seen rapid growth since its legalization in 2018. The 2020 edition of the Marijuana Business Factbook, published in late June, projected medical cannabis sales in Utah would reach only $3.5 million-$4.5 million this year and $20 million-$24 million in 2021. The surprising demand and product shortages are prompting some cultivators to expand to their maximum 100,000 square feet of growing area, James told the Deseret News.

Even still, commendations for patients looking to purchase their medication legally within their own state remain slim. This is because federal banking statutes bar financial institutions from being able to honor transactions taking place in a medical marijuana dispensary, since cannabis is not federally legal at this time.

Businesses & patients in Utah benefit FROM EXPANDING ON CURRENT LAWS

Hypur is a safe, secure, and convenient way to pay for medical marijuana. Patients avoid ATM fees and the unnecessary risks of carrying cash on them. Hypur also allows patients to safely request their cannabis for home delivery (provided by WholesomeCo or Dragonfly), or pick up from a dispensary. For cannnabis businesses, Hypur provides an easy way to accept payments without having to worry about security breaches or fraud.

Here’s how it works: when you enter the pharmacy, you will be prompted to log into the Hypur app on a smartphone or similar device. Once the system has identified your status as a patient and verified your location, your customer info is sent to the pharmacy’s POS system. At checkout, you can easily pay with the app (although prior setup is required to ensure this). Or, you can split a payment between Hypur and cash. Dispensary staff are more than happy to assist you with this process and get you set up for success, so don’t hesitate to ask them next time you stop by!

The new law will also allow people who have debilitating conditions to buy medical marijuana from licensed dispensaries with dignity and ease. Further considerations have been made for these patients by enabling the use of caregivers, who are authorized to assist in ordering, purchasing, and transporting the medication to the patient. The application process for caregivers is generally free of charge, aside from a small annual state fee. Once granted approval from the state, the caregiver will also be provided a card in order to proceed to the dispensary and be permitted access. It is certainly feasible for a caregiver to be granted access to a patient’s Hypur account as well.

The drug has been legal in other states for years, but it’s still illegal under federal law, which means certain laws still apply. The Medical Cannabis Act passed in Utah four years ago includes provisions for patient education, including information about how to use medical marijuana. It also requires doctors who recommend marijuana as a treatment to complete training, along with the staff at the pharmacies where patients. will pick up their medication.

Providing PATIENTS support

Medical cannabis users should use apps to purchase medical cannabis safely, and err on the side of caution if they feel unsure of how the app will be supported by their local dispensaries. There are no fees involved in purchasing medical cannabis using an app, but there are usually small fees involved with using a credit card or debit card. ATMs are also widely available at most cannabis pharmacies these days, although each withdrawal will undoubtedly garnish an additional charge. Depending on how much you want to purchase at a time, this could prove quite costly.

App-based purchases are safest because customers don’t need to handle cash or meet face-to-face with dispensary employees. As long as your dispensary supports the app you’re using, it’s a no-brainer. Bloc pharmacy and Curaleaf pharmacy are strictly cash only in Utah, not providing any allowances for alternative payment methods to patients.

Utah’s MEDICAL CANNABIS Law: How Does it Work?

Under the Medical Cannabis Act, which was passed in Utah in late 2018, qualified patients will be able to purchase medical cannabis from licensed dispensaries. They’ll receive a state-issued Medical Card once they have been seen and recommended by a Qualified Medical Provider (QMP).

Being licensed does come with its own set of fees, although the cost is reasonable considering the protections and commendations it provides. This card will grant patients permission to possess, order, purchase, transport, and consume medical cannabis. Patients will also be allowed to purchase medical cannabis through Hypur so long as the state they live in provides the opportunity to do so, although most state medical programs have adopted this by now.

What is Hypur?

Hypur is a solution that allows businesses to process payments without the use of cash. It’s a safe and secure way to pay for medical cannabis. Patients can use their debit cards, credit cards, or even store their cannabis on Hypur for home delivery or pick up from a dispensary. The program boasts that it has no signup fees, transaction fees, or monthly fees, and signing up for Hypur only takes a couple minutes. Some locations even offer special discounts for patients who opt into the service, since it is easier for businesses than handling high amounts of cash on a daily basis.

How Does it Work?

Once a patient has been qualified by their doctor, they’ll be able to use their state-issued Medical Card to purchase medical cannabis from any licensed dispensary in Utah. Patients will also be able to purchase medical cannabis through Hypur. Flexible payment plans offer the convenience and security of mainstream payments without the frustrations, unreliability, and awkwardness of niche payment schemes.

What Are the Benefits?

There are many benefits of using Hypur to purchase medical cannabis. Patients avoid ATM fees and the unnecessary risks of carrying cash on them. A New York Times article reports that, for a user, the Hypur app feels similar to Venmo. Through the Hypur system, funds move directly from the user’s bank account to the pharmacy. The app works because Hypur partners that are willing to operate in the cannabis industry are capable of transferring money from a patient to a retailer without having to gain ancillary permissions from the financial institution the cash is being withdrawn from.

Protection of Utah’s patients

The Utah Medical Association (UMA) is a professional association of physicians, medical students, and other health care providers. The UMA represents the interests of all practicing physicians in Utah. It provides education and training opportunities for physicians, promotes high standards of medical practice and encourages research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease.

The Utah Patients Coalition (UPC), on the other hand, was created with the mission to educate and inform patients of the program. Founded prior to the Medical Cannabis Act, the UPC was actually one of the catalysts to state legislature being passed through the legal system in order to allow Utah residents access to a sensible medical cannabis program. They work tirelessly to protect and defend patient rights and are committed to improving Utah’s medical cannabis program.

Patients who use medical marijuana should be allowed to pay for their medicine using a debit card instead of cash. This way, criminals won’t be tempted to steal from patients. Home delivery of medical marijuana helps many patients who otherwise may not be able to access their medicine. Currently, both home delivery services currently operating within the state claim to serve 99.9% of Utah residents. Medical marijuana patients can use this service to receive their medication without having to leave their homes. However, payment options are generally limited whenever deliveries take place, and the delivery address must match that of the patient’s home address listed on the state EVS website. If this information needs updated, your medical marijuana licensing office can assist you in doing so.

THE Future looks bright

Thanks to options such as legal medical marijuana access, home delivery of medical marijuana, and debit card payments, life in Utah is truly changing. Patients, consumers, and businesses alike are benefiting from this new industry.

We hope that more states will follow the lead of Utah by providing cashless payment options to further protect patients and businesses. Green Team Doctors make getting a medical marijuana card simple, efficient, and quick. Their reception area is pictured above, where patients are invited to meet with their QMP during their initial appointment to get the card. Once approved, patients can opt into the Telemedicine service they provide so they will not have to commute to and f rom the office or meet in person for any future follow-up appointments.You can sign up to see if you qualify now by visiting our site!

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