How to Prepare for Your First MISSOURI Dispensary TRIP

Missouri Dispensary VISIT: What You Need to Know

This year, millions of Missouri residents will visit a marijuana dispensary for the first time, eager to purchase legally obtained medical cannabis. For those who just received their medical card in Missouri, going to your first dispensary may be overwhelming, but there’s no need to be scared if you prepare ahead of time.

There are certain questions that prospective patients should ask their doctors before they try any cannabis product. It’s important to get insight into your doctor’s treatment plans, and we’re here to help you with a quick guide to getting started. You’ll be ready to tackle the certification process as well as prepare for your first purchase in a certified dispensary. With the right information in mind, you’ll leave your first dispensary experience feeling confident and happy with your purchase!

The Easy Way to Find a Dispensary in Your Area

There are new dispensaries and products in Missouri popping up each day. Simply click here to be redirected to a comprehensive list of dispensaries made available on the state website. There, you can also find more information on the qualifying medical conditions, how to apply for a grower’s license, and even data and reports relevant to the medical marijuana industry in Missouri!

While the dispensary list provided by the state website is a fantastic resource, Green Team Doctors recommends that you not only take vicinity into consideration but also current deals, discounts, and promotions going on at a dispensary location at any given time. The best way to track deals is to check out the social media pages, website, and loyalty rewards programs for individual dispensaries and brands. The deals can vary extensively in nature, but a Reddit wiki made by a local cannabis community in Missouri covers the basics. Take, for example…

Kansas City

Fresh Karma

Daily Deals

  • $40 1/8ths (select strains)
  • $50 one gram concentrates (select strains)
  • Buy any Sinse 1/8th, get Sinse pre-packed chillum for free

Other Deals

  • 15% veteran discount
  • 10% low income discount
  • 10% industry discount
  • $0.07 pre-roll for first time patients
  • $0.07 pre-roll for birthdays
  • $0.07 pre-roll for online reviews

Rewards Program: Save $25 after $500 spent

Nature Med

Daily Deals

  • Sunday: Wildcard (any of the weekly deals can be applied)
  • Monday: 15% off pre-packed flower
  • Tuesday: 40% off CBD Wellness Products, 20% off Topicals & Tinctures, and double loyalty points
  • Wednesday: Buy 2 Pre-Rolls and get a 3rd 50% off
  • Thursday: 20% off Edibles
  • Friday: Vendor Day (See Budtender for Deal)
  • Saturday: 20% off Concentrates and Vapes

Other Deals

  • 1¢ Pre-Roll when you bring in another patient for their first visit to Nature Med, (Possibly a birthday deal, too?)
  • Veterans: 20% off

Rewards program: $10 credit per $200 spent.

Besame Wellness

Daily Deals

  • Sunday: Extracts 15% off non-stackable
  • Monday: BesaBox 10% off, new items monthly
  • Tuesday: Carts 10% off, can stack
  • Wednesday: Get 20% off curated flower, non-stackable
  • Thursday: Edibles are 15% off, non-stackable

Releaf Resources (Grandview)

Daily Deals

  • Mondays: 10% off flower
  • Tuesdays: 10% off concentrates
  • Wednesday: Buy 2 get 1 half off edibles
  • Thursday: 10% off all drinks
  • Friday: Spin the wheel. Up to 20% an item
  • Saturday: 15% off everything in the store

Other Deals

  • Drive discount: 100 miles or an hour+ drive gets 20% off
  • Low-Income Discount: 10% off (call location for details)
  • Cultivators: 5% off
  • Veterans: 20% off

CLOVR (Belton)

Daily Deals

  • Everyday: 15% off Flower from Flora, Proper, C4, Sundro, and select Illicit 1/8ths.
  • Mondays: 15% off all Proper Products (includes Honeybee and Ratio)
  • Tuesdays: 15% off Happy Days (Vivid and Buffalo Ballz) and Mojo (0.5g concentrates)
  • Wednesdays: 15% off all Sinse, Zoet Gummies, Kizmet PB Cups
  • Thursdays: 15% off Heartland Labs and Coco Labs (The Clear) (excluding FECO/RSO)
  • Fridays: 15% off Lotus Products and Pax devices
  • Saturdays: 15% off Clovr, Keef, MHS, Care By Design, Funny Bone, Wana, Robhots
  • Sundays: 15% off Rural Route CBD and Amend Products

As you can see, strategizing your dispensary visits based on the daily deal or routine discount cycle could prove ideal for the budget-conscious patient. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to save a little money without sacrificing quality or quantity? It should also be noted that veterans, senior citizens, and low-income qualifying patients should receive (at the very least) a small percentage off their purchase with every transaction.


In Missouri, you must have a valid state medical card to buy cannabis. The good news is, you can obtain one of these easily through a qualified physician who has been certified to prescribe medical marijuana. You’ll also need your photo identification, such as a state ID or driver’s license (make sure it’s not expired, either). If you don’t have a valid form of picture ID, you will need to resolve this prior to visiting a dispensary. This is done largely in an effort to protect you as a patient; if you’re pulled over while transporting medication home, for instance, law enforcement will not respond favorably to someone lacking proper licensure regardless of wether or not their medical marijuana card is current and valid.

Cannabis is legal in the state of Missouri, but dispensaries are strictly controlled; they will not jeopardize their license by selling cannabis to someone who does not have proper documentation. Each dispensary is licensed by the state and follows comprehensive codes and retail guidelines in order to remain in operation. Furthermore, the security systems implemented for the benefit – and safety – of the dispensary and their employees may come off as shocking or over-the-top for a first-time visitor.

It is not uncommon for dispensaries to have metal detectors at the door, or an armed security guard checking ID’s and documentation. All dispensaries have an intake or reception room that is separate from the room where products, budtender and pharmacist consultations, and ultimately transactions take place. This makes maintaining a safe, controlled environment much easier for dispensary staff.

You’re welcome to bring a friend or relative with you, but they won’t be allowed into this room unless they are a cardholder as well. If the person accompanying you assists you in other aspects of day-to-day life, and feels comfortable and knowledgeable of Missouri’s medial marijuana laws, they can apply to be your caregiver and will be provided a card to proceed into this room. They will also be able to order, purchase, and transport your medication directly to you.

Keep in mind, out of state MMJ patients aren’t honored in the eyes of the law. State regulations mandate that medical marijuana in Missouri is reserved for Missouri residents with a state issued Missouri medical card. The Green Team can assist you with obtaining a card if you don’t have one; we can also help you get caregivers set up for ultimate convenience. Scheduling an appointment on our website is quick and easy, and you can also speak to a human being by calling (508) 606-6741!

Call ahead or bring cash

Most Missouri dispensaries operate largely via cash, but if you don’t have any, the business likely has an on-site ATM. Unfortunately, the medical cannabis industry is generally not allowed to adopt payment methods such as Google or Apple Pay because the industry is not federally legal yet – and most financial institutions aren’t willing to dive into early adoption. Some dispensaries will say they accept debit or credit cards with a “fee” – in reality, they are using an ATM service to charge your card to cash – and they will always round up to the nearest $20 and hand you the change.

In any case, if you’re not sure about the company’s accepted payment method, it’s always a good idea to call ahead. State regulations have also allowed for dispensaries to be able to provide gift cards, which must be purchased in store (but can be redeemed online). Gift cards can, of course, only be used by patients with a state issued medical card.

Missouri dispensaries must pay a 4% tax on all medical cannabis sales. All sales are final, although products that are recalled on a state-wide level will be eligible for a full refund or like replacement. Most Missouri dispensaries also offer delivery services, although weight times and delivery fees vary by location.


The medical program is still relatively new to the state of Missouri, and demand for it is high. For this reason, it’s important to adjust your expectations and understand that it’s not necessarily a reflection of the dispensary or their staff if intake seems delayed and products are unexpectedly out of stock. Some suspect it’s a result of heavy state restrictions poorly supporting the overwhelming consumership of the medical cannabis industry, while others report (some from inside the industry) that dispensaries are understaffed despite pandemic restrictions continuing to lift nationwide.

While dispensaries – and most other retail businesses like it – repair their internal operations amidst inflation and record-high gas prices, patience is expected and appreciated. Prepare to wait in line and shop, especially if the dispensary just opened. If you need something to keep you occupied while you’re in line, have a look at our comprehensive Grow Guide for all sorts of useful medical marijuana cultivation advice and caregiver growing information. If you grow your own medicine, you won’t ever need to wait in line again!

Prepare questions in advance

Here’s a tip to receiving exceptional patient support and the best possible overall experience: have all of your questions ready to go before you visit a dispensary. A knowledgeable dispensary employee will be on hand, and they’ll be happy to assist you. If you have any questions about how cannabis or its products might affect a medical issue that you deal with, or simply want to understand the differences between items, now is the time to ask.

Remember – the budtenders or pharmacists at the dispensary want you to give you a fantastic cannabis experience without any of the unwanted side effects commonly associated with an improper dose or application. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by so many different types of medical marijuana, but they’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Plan your cannabis goals

Having a purpose in mind will ultimately benefit you, but also aid your budtender in selecting the cannabis products that are ideal for you. What do you want to get out of your cannabis experience? Is your goal to increase attention, relieve chronic pain, reduce anxiety, get more sleep, or something else? Cannabis may be used to address a wide range of health problems; whether you’re using it for a specific purpose or simply wanting to use medical marijuana for overall health benefit, let your budtender know!

If you’ve used marijuana before, this is something to think about. This will enable your budtender to assist you in determining the right dosage for you. You don’t need to have a specific aim in mind, but it’s beneficial if you have an idea of what you’re looking for out of your medical cannabis experience.

Get a head start on the menu

If you’re like most people, you probably have access to a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or similar device. If that’s the case, going through their inventory ahead of time is well worth it. Enter any dispensary name and location into Google Maps and click the ‘website’ icon. Most dispensaries will require you to verify that you are 18 or older to proceed; from here, you can click on the ‘Shop’ or ‘Store’ button to view the most up-to-date product list for your nearest location. Make a note if anything catches your attention so you can ask about it when you visit the store.

When you first walk in, the choices may be staggering, so having a strategy ready ahead of time might help you narrow down your purchase alternatives. You can even view any individual product’s Certificate of Analysis (CoA) through most websites, which go far beyond product descriptions available on the webpage alone. CoA’s provide information on laboratory testing parameters and results, cannabinoids, terpenes, and even harvest dates and processing facility details.

Don’t use your phone

There is typically a no-phone policy at dispensaries, unless you’re explicitly instructed by a dispensary staff member to pull up an email with discount information or promotional details.

Once you’ve entered the dispensary, set your phone aside until you’ve left. It is proper dispensary etiquette to do so. This applies to delivery orders, too! It is advised that patients not post pictures of their medical cannabis delivery on social media; despite their discrete appearance, further exposure could result in an uptick in theft. In other words, you may want to let Porch Pirates continue to think your MMJ package is an UberEats order and keep the haul to yourself!

Thanks to your Budtender

It is becoming more and more customary to leave a tip for your budtender, but It isn’t necessary. A few dollars are the norm if you’re just buying something simple or stocking up on your usual prescription medications.

If your budtender goes above and beyond by answering questions and offering product suggestions, however, it’s appreciated by the staff when patients show gratitude with a bigger tip. Budtenders are your guide on your marijuana Odyssey, and taking good care of your local spot can foster an elevated experience inside the dispensary as well as at home. Tipping culture is still relatively new within medicinal dispensaries, but depending on your experience and the accommodations you’re given it could make sense to incentivize a more informed, highly educated medical community.

Regardless of wether or not you decide to tip, simply being kind goes a very long way. Don’t make the mistake of blaming your local dispensary’s employees for price hikes, low THC percentages, recommendation expiration dates, or low stock on your favorite product. Strict regulations and procedural guidelines are often responsible for some of the supply chain issues or funky licensing procedures that negatively affect patients, and it’s expected considering the newness of the program and the incremental improvements that have been taking place over time.

Most of the staff currently working in medical cannabis have never stopped working throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, and have risked their own personal health on a daily basis to provide a critical service to their own communities. Keep this in mind next time you have to wait 10-15 minutes to speak with a dispensary employee on the phone, or even longer to pick up an online order. To ensure the most. time. efficient experience, it may be. best to. double check the expiration date of your current medical cannabis recommendation before you head to the dispensary as well.

Be careful when you are in the parking lot

We understand. You’re ecstatic. You’ve just bought some incredible medical marijuana goods, and you can’t wait to start using them. However, don’t succumb to the temptation of smoking cannabis in a dispensary parking lot. As a general rule, we recommend that you not open the sealed bag the dispensary hands you until you reach your destination. Some patients will elect to purchase a lockbox and may even. store it in the trunk or backseat of their vehicle.

You should not consume cannabis or marijuana products in public places, such as parks and streets. This is a federal crime that can get you into legal difficulties if discovered, as well as potential jail time if you are caught. Wait till you’ve returned home or to some quiet and lawful location to enjoy your medication.

Keeping a cannabis journal

If you’ve never used marijuana before, you’re just starting your medical journey. You might need to test dosages, products, and various strains, like topicals, tinctures, and edibles, to see how they impact your body.

Make a cannabis diary in which you are able to track the date and time of day, the type of medicine you consume, and the amount you take. Then keep track of how various cannabis goods and dosages affect you. This will assist you in determining the best approach to using medical marijuana in your routine.

if you’re not sure how to acquire one, ask your local dispensary if they have a journal to offer. They may have one available for purchase or, better yet, free!

Ensure that your medical card is always with you

Any Missouri resident may obtain safe, legal help with cannabis. A valid medical card is all you need. If you want to acquire your card quickly and easily, we can assist you. Our specialists are available to perform a brief and simple examination to determine whether you qualify.

Schedule an appointment with a marijuana doctor online by clicking here or give us a call at (508) 606-6741! If for whatever reason we are unable to provide you with a card, we will refund you in full and you will not be charged a dime for applying.

Be sure to have your medical marijuana card and ID with you when visiting a dispensary. These are required to purchase cannabis products.

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