The Best Strains For A Balanced High (1:1)

The Perfect Balance: THC & CBD

No matter what medical dispensary you frequent, you will almost always find a wide variety of high-THC cannabis strains. Plenty of patients entertain the idea that these are higher quality because the THC content is dialed up to the nth degree. However, just because a strain has a high THC percentage doesn’t mean it will give you a better high. It’s important to be careful with strains that have high THC levels because they can provide inconsistent results that lead to negative, sometimes even dangerous, side effects and/or symptoms. If you want to grow high-THC cannabis or use high-THC products, you’re not necessarily doing your tolerance many favors either. You may even find that fellow patients will humbly bow out of toking with you, which could be a positive or a negative depending on how you look at it.

Cannabis technology is still making progress, but what’s important to note here is that Mother Nature of course initially created the plant we grew to know and love. Perhaps there’s a reason THC ratios in nature have always been balanced with all of the other endocannabinoids routinely found in cannabis. While most patients will eventually find themselves purchasing a few high-THC strains here and there for the effects they produce, most can agree that there are plenty of other cannabis alternatives that may help more specifically target certain health conditions and/or concerns. Because chronic pain is the number one qualifying medical condition in nearly every state with a medical cannabis program, and 1:1 strains are especially indicated for the treatment of chronic pain, we hope you find this reference list helpful next time you go medicine shopping!

First, let’s review what constitutes as an even-ratio cannabis product. If a strain is labeled “1:1”, it has a cannabinoid profile with nearly the same amount of CBD and THC. You will notice on the prescription label that these ratios are relayed in percentages, milligrams, or both. CBD requires a trace amount of THC in the overall composition of the medication in order to be bioavailable to your system. “Bioavailable” means that, when it enters your system, it is introduced in a way that it will have an active effect (essentially meaning, it will work the way you want it to). So, if there’s absolutely no THC in a CBD product (AND you haven’t consumed any THC in several hours or days depending on your metabolism), it’s virtually useless. That’s why gas station and convenience store CBD products aren’t exactly a viable solution to your everyday anxiety/pain relief needs. As a matter of fact, they’re a waste of money.

Transversely, once you start to dial up the CBD content in a THC product, the psychoactive components of the THC begin to diminish. Yes, that’s right, 1:1 products will not produce the incredibly intoxicating mind-high effects we all associate with smoking weed. It doesn’t mean you won’t get high, though. You’ll still be relaxed, and the 1:1 ratio provides an incredible body buzz that can either energize you or help you get comfortable. If you’re then wondering wether or not it would be a good idea to administer CBD when you’re experiencing negative psychological effects from too much THC, you’re on the right track. We would highly suggest contacting a medical professional, and if applicable seeking emergency support, if you or someone you know has taken too much THC. However, lots of MMJ patients have been in a situation where they perhaps bite off a little more than they can chew when it comes to edibles. If this happens, try to have a straight-CBD product readily available so you can soothe some of the more psychoactive components the THC is causing.

Cannabis consumers who are well-versed in the plant’s complexities understand that products will almost always contain more than just CBD and THC. These are just two of the several hundred endocannabinoids we have discovered in our short history researching and experimenting with this plant medicine. Cultivars of cannabis often seek to respect the natural components of the plant while tweaking a couple percentages here and there. Below are some examples of modern strains that are usually bred with a good balance of CBD and THC. There are a lot of similar strains out there, although the cannabinoid levels will be different. Make sure that the strains you buy from your budtender come from plants that have been grown for the condition you’re looking to treat, and that they have the applicable ratio of cannabinoids to address your needs.

Shark Shock

JAWS won’t pop out of the bathtub when you toke on these buds, don’t worry. Shark Shock was made by crossing a White Widow plant with a Skunk #1 plant. As a result, it boasts genes from two different types of landrace plants. People who use it say it gives them a body high and a head buzz that makes them feel free of pain and helps them relax.

Shark Shock is an incredibly versatile and well known strain; it can be found in high-CBD as well as 1:1. More often than not it is cultivated with THC levels of 20% or less. To find out which camp your Shark Shock strain is in, ask your budtender. The 1:1 balanced phenotypes are light enough to be worn during the day, yet strong enough to provide an unforgettable experience.

This cannabis strain will have a sweet scent, the scent is light and airy, with a citrusy undertone. The taste will be rich, earthy, and dank.


Harlequin, which is both relaxing and bright, and Querkle, which some would describe as a “stoney baloney” strain, are two plants that were bred together to make this 1:1 strain. The word Hurkle has a pleasant sound, but it has practical and recreational uses as well.

It helps with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and depression, and as giving people euphoria, smooth, and velvety energy. Hurkle has a good balance of cannabinoids which protects the more enjoyable aspects of the physiological high without changing its overall effect. Those who routinely purchase Hurkle do so because it can be used during both the day and night.

You can expect a strong, skunky smell with chocolate, coffee, overripe grape, and wet wood flavors. There may also be a grassy scent with undertones of chocolate.


Argyle genetics are Indica-leaning, producing a pleasant, mild high that surrounds sleepytime while leaving them neither knocked out nor hyper. Mellow, cotton-soft head highs with loose, elastic body highs that soothe superficial pain. You will feel as calm and relaxed as falling asleep in front of the fireplace.

Many people experience a more calming effect, but some users report feeling energetic and zippy. The lower THC concentration (the median is around 10%) suggests that this is a practical strain, so drinkers at all levels of tolerance can benefit from Argyle’s advantages without sinking into a couch-lock magic carpet ride.

Expect an earthy, damp aroma with light floral notes and a woody, herbal exhale that leaves behind a sweet berry aftertaste.

Royal Highness

Dancehall phenotypes like Royal Highness can be discovered with higher THC levels, but they were bred to have a much 1:1 THC: CBD ratio. She got a lot of energy from her parent’s strain. The highs that people get when they start smoking them make them feel euphoric, elevating, and just a little bit sexy.

If you’re dealing with low date night stress, Royal Highness might be right up your alley. It has a sunny, joyous high that could turn into sexy, and even the best smokers can enjoy the medium exhilaration and gentle joy and happiness of this mixture.

You can expect to taste citrus flavors on a cheese that is starting to spoil. Some harvests will evoke a flowery aroma as well!


Dancehall is a high-CBD strain that can have either a high-THC to low-CBD or a balanced 1:1 profile, depending on the grower. Spanish growers Reggae Seeds developed Dancehall as a cross of Juanita la Lagrimosa and Kalijah. This strain has been said to provide creativity and good vibes.

Expect a skunky, tropical fruit aroma with notes of gas and overripe pineapple on the exhale.

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