Medical Marijuana for PTSD?

Ways In Which Medical Marijuana Can Help With PTSD

PSTD stands for post-traumatic stress disorder, and it’s an anxiety disorder that affects many Americans. The disorder can affect anyone. PTSD can occur after an individual has been through a traumatic event or experience. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs says that about 7 to 8 individuals out of a population of 100 are likely to experience post-traumatic stress disorder at some point during their lives. If you or your loved one is struggling with PTSD, you can seek the help of medical cannabis doctors for treatment. Receiving the right treatment can help cope and manage your PTSD and its related symptoms.

Trauma and PTSD

Trauma is a terrifying and dangerous event that happens to you or you see. During this kind of event, you may feel that your life or that of others is in danger. It’s not rare for people to go through trauma. Women may experience events such as sexual assaults or they may see their children abused.

On the other hand, men may experience physical assault, accident, combat disasters, or even witness a serious injury or death. These events may increase the risk of one developing PTSD. If you are directly exposed to injury or trauma, you have a higher chance of developing post-traumatic stress disorder.

Patients who have PTSD may experience various symptoms, including – difficult sleeping, anxiety, depression, and night terrors. A patient may also try to avoid talking or thinking about the event. If you suffer from PTSD, you may feel emotionally numb and detached from friends and family.

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Almost any person who has survived through a traumatizing experience is likely to develop PTSD. The disorder is commonly seen in military veterans and individuals who have experienced childhood abuse, physical abuse, or assault. Many factors can determine whether or not you will develop post-traumatic stress disorder, but many are no under the individual’s control.

Medical Marijuana for PTSD Treatment

Medical marijuana can help with both mental and physical symptoms linked to PTSD, and several studies tend to support it. The FDA, based on the research findings from the various studies has approved medical marijuana use in treating veterans living with PTSD.

CBD and THC are capable of helping treat people suffering from PTSD by improving the endocannabinoid system’s mediation of essential functions including memory consolidation and retrieval. By activating CB1 and CB2 receptors located throughout this core system, cannabinoids could prompt the system to produce neurotransmitters that helps promote happiness, pleasure, and memory.
These cannabinoids play a critical role in assisting PTSD cases by preventing the retrieval of the underlying trauma, effectively preventing traumatic memories and nightmares, while also helping attain emotional wellbeing. This has made it a popular treatment for PTSD patients, of which many are combat veterans.

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A study conducted by NYU Langone Medical Center researchers showed that people suffering from PTSD have much lower levels of a neurotransmitter called anandamide than others. Anandamide is one of the body’s primary endocannabinoids, meaning natural cannabinoids produced by the body. These operate in a similar way to cannabis by stimulating the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for core functions such as mood, happiness, fear, and anxiety.

Essentially, anandamides operate as a natural antidepressant and can also impair memory as well. CB1 cannabinoid receptors in the body help turn off traumatic memories so that people can essentially stop paying attention to them. Lack of endocannabinoids such as anandamides can also serve to induce symptoms of PTSD such as anxiety and fear

How Marijuana Helps with PTSD

In an individual’s brain and throughout the body, there are cannabinoid receptors that help regulate things like thoughts, emotions, movement, and appetite. When THC binds to the receptors in our body or brain, it creates different effects based on the specific receptor it binds to. Scientific research indicates that marijuana treatment may help with symptoms associated with PTSD including:

  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Alleviating chronic pain
  • Relieving anxiety and depression
  • Reducing stress
  • Improving mood
  • Enhancing focus as well as concentration

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Taking it a step further, the following cannabis strains are highly recommended to treat the aforementioned symptoms of PTSD:

  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • AC/DC
  • Northern Lights
  • Granddaddy Purple
  • Charlotte’s Web
  • Cannatonic

Seek Medical Marijuana Treatment for PTSD

If you are struggling with PTSD and its symptoms and would want to get medical marijuana treatment, contact the Ohio Green Team to schedule an appointment.

Noteworthy to mention, Ohio Green Team partners with several Psychiatrists who’ve all stated that PTSD is often misdiagnosed as anxiety or depression which are not currently state approved symptoms. That said, PTSD is and if you’re interested in pursuing medical cannabis as a treatment option and you suffer from anxiety or depression, we’d recommend getting an online PTSD diagnosis from Doctor Bonanno!

With a PTSD diagnosis in hand, you can reach out to us at to get your medical marijuana recommendation and digital ID card!


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