Top Cannabis Strains to Boost Energy & Productivity!

Marijuana Strains to Help Boost Energy

Are you struggling with stress, fatigue, or lack of energy and looking for a medical marijuana strain that can energize you while improving productivity? If yes, you are reading the right blog!

When it comes to getting energized through cannabis, you can do two things. You can either consume a strain with a high THC content and a combination of all the crucial terpenes needed to stimulate you. Or you can consume a strain that has a significantly higher CBD content.

For far too long, cannabis has had a negative wrap with people associating cannabis consumption to laziness. Odd, I know. More and more people are using cannabis to boost energy, mental clarity and acuity. People will use cannabis prior to exercising (many will find this contrarian) to help with mind <> muscle connection while providing increased energy.

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What are some top marijuana strains to consider that’ll help you conquer your day? Read on…..

Durban Poison

The Durban Poison strain originates from Durban, a port city in South Africa. Its uplifting effect and sweet smell have made it a favorite of many globally. If you are looking for a Sativa strain to keep you active and productive, especially during a tedious day, this is the one to go for.


“Durban Poison is like the “espresso” of cannabis. The raciest sativa I know, it’s a stimulating and clear-headed sensation without the feeling of being stoned” – Mike F. – MMJ Patient


As a 75/25 Sativa-dominant strain, the Harlequin strain is well known for having a solid CBD expression. This strain is renowned for providing clear-headed effects. It also has a relaxing effect. The strain is a descendant of Swiss and Thai landrace strains, the Colombian Gold and Nepali Indica. Its high concentration of CBD makes Harlequin effective for treating anxiety and severe pain.


“Harlequin is my go to pre-workout for the gym! I just got done with leg day, and let me tell you: FANTASTIC. My post-lifting yoga routine was EPIC” – Chris B. – MMJ Patient

The Sauce

This strain of Sativa has notes of citrus and spice. It is the perfect strain to use in the daytime. After consuming this THC-dominant strain of weed, the user should start feeling energized and productive immediately. The Sauce is a 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid bred by Exotic Genetix. Using a backcross of Green Ribbon to pollinate a Gorilla Glue #4 mother, the Northwest breeder created a potent blend that emits a mix of chocolate, lime and diesel flavors.


“Definitely one of my favorite daytime strain — great for work, hanging with friends or taking on the world” – Lindsay S. – MMJ Patient


Chocolope is a sativa marijuana strain made by crossing Chocolate Thai with Cannalope Haze. The Chocolope strain gives off a sweet coffee and earthy flavor. It provides a dreamy psychoactive effect. Users of this strain describe it as a strong, elated mental shift. This strain is perfect for anyone struggling with stress or depression.


“A great all-around daytime strain, Chocolope eases my worries and helps me get stuff done that I would otherwise be too stressed to handle.” – Tiffany B. – MMJ Patient

Orange 43

It is characterized by a minty sweet taste and a sensational orange zest smell. The Orange 43 is an alluring strain. The strain gives a remarkable sense of mental relief, energy, and euphoria. Orange 43 is a rare hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Orange and White Fire 43. Most medical marijuana patients use this strain for relieving symptoms related to chronic stress, cramps and muscle spasms.


“Great for entertaining as well as pain relief. If you come across some…don’t think: act. You wont regret it!” – Thomas R. – MMJ Patient

Lime Skunk

This is the pungent descendant of the Exotic Genetix’s Green Ribbon BX and DNA Genetics’ Lemon Skunk. It is the most recent product from Cresco Labs. This strain has an exceptional fresh limes scent and a high THC content. It is perfect for people wanting to enjoy a bud packed with many flavors. The stain is also great for anyone that wants to increase their level of productivity. Its racy yet clear-headed buzz is great for consumers looking to enjoy a flavorful connoisseur-grade strain while maintaining a high level of productivity.


“It hits you within a few minutes as if you just drank a triple espresso. I consume this when I need to crank out tasks around the house!” – Shannon W. – MMJ Patient

Apollo 13

This strain has an earthy and peppery pungent scent—with a pinch of both citrus and sour fruit. The taste, however, can be compared to herbal tea. From the name, one can easily infer that this strain is designed to put its consumer in a euphoric state(in the clouds). Consumers report that its effect is both energizing and cerebral. This plant is less finicky than most and is often recommended for new growers. It also flowers very quickly at 7-8 weeks, producing large sticky buds.


“Keeps me energized and happy for quite some time. One of my favorite strains!” – George M – MMJ Patient

The Verdict: Cannabis gives you wings!

We’ve spoken with athletes, professionals, stay-at-home-superheroes and everyone in between and the narrative remains consistent: specific strains, primarily sativa dominant ones help people boost energy to get stuff done!

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For more information on where to get quality strains of medical marijuana that can help boost your productivity and increase your energy, please check out Need access to Ohio medical marijuana? We can help 🙂

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